Is Using White Text on Your CV a Good Idea?

I was shocked to see a recruiter advise people to use white text on their CV, stating by adding a third page which contained key words written in white text, they’d easily get through any filter. I thought the post was incredibly misguided, it’s alright telling people how to buck the system, but the fact remains that if your CV does manage to make it through, when an actual person reads it, you still won’t get the interview, let alone the job!

Dalmatian Systems “Spot” the Talented Students of R.E.AL Digital Arts

Mansfield based Dalmatian Systems has teamed up with R.E.A.L Education’s Digital Arts Department to create a state of the art promotional video to showcase the “Be Spotted” platform.  One of the aims of Dalmatian Systems is to empower students to fulfil their career ambitions and put themselves in the strongest position possible to get their first step on the career ladder.

Do You Put the “Busy” into your Business?

Running your own business is incredibly glamourous, you get to work the hours you choose, take your holidays when you want to…. It’s a sense of freedom you don’t get with other jobs! Oh no wait…. It’s not like that at all! The reality is, running your own business means working long hours, sometimes 7 days a week, being on constant call for your clients and you can end up doing everything! Including the hiring and managing of staff.

Workplace Dress Codes

Workplace dress codes have been under the spotlight recently, after a story made the headlines about a female staff member being sent home without pay after refusing to wear heels. The issue has been discussed in Parliament and it's been decided that the law will remain the same, as the current legislation is considered adequate. However there will be some new workplace guidelines put in place in conjunction with the Government Equalities Office, Acas, the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Health and Safety Executive. The basics are that employers must avoid unlawful discrimination in any dress code policy and make sure that if the job requires it, the dress code reaches health and safety standards.

The Importance of Volunteering

1st to the 7th is Volunteers week, an annual event that’s been set up to celebrate the massive contribution they make across the UK to all kinds of organisations. Volunteering can be hugely beneficial on many levels, not only does it provide a vital service to the charity or organisation you are helping, but it can also help you if you’ve been struggling to get a job or have had to take a career break for some reason.