The Students of Vision West Nottinghamshire College have become the first people to receive a sneak preview of our brand new Career Portfolio Management platform, which we are currently developing.

Throughout the course of the two afternoon sessions, the students were treated to a preview of the Dalmatian, “Be Spotted” system. The sessions were designed to give the students the chance to have their say as to how they thought the system worked, how they would use it and the overall look and feel of it.

Dalmatian Systems Managing Director Ken Trinder said, “this is the first time that anyone outside of the immediate team has seen our platform and as one of our main focuses is helping young people make the transition from education to work, the perfect starting point for us was the students of Vision West Nottinghamshire College. We admire the work that the college is doing with its students and we very much valued their opinions”

Dalmatian Systems MD, Ken Trinder


Throughout the course of the afternoon, we worked with 78 students, and as well as previewing the “Be Spotted” system, the students also got an insight into how to apply for a job and how to fill in a CV correctly.

Dalmatian Systems Product Director Richard Sangster praised the work ethics of the students, “from the moment we started chatting to them, I was impressed by their enthusiasm, willingness to listen and offer their opinions. They are a real tribute to the college”

Dalmatian Systems Product Director, Richard Sangster

President of the Students’ Union, Marc Jones, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Dalmatian Systems to the college and our students really enjoyed being able to put their opinions forward on this new system and hoped they could work together in the future.”

This is the first of a series of Focus Groups that Dalmatian Systems will be doing all over the UK, with an official launch scheduled for next year.

If you’d be interested in arranging a session for the students at your University or College, then please contact Katie@dalmatiansystems.co.uk

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