January 16th has been given the moniker “Blue Monday”, not because it’s a chance to celebrate the New Order classic, but because it’s generally thought of as the most depressing day of the year.

The reasons for this, is the fact that we are 3 weeks from Christmas, still a couple of weeks away from payday and the bills are starting to come in. It all adds up to the 16th January giving us the most epic of Monday blues.

But let’s face it for some of us, it’s not just “Blue Monday”, that gives us a case of the blues, it’s our job in general – any day of the week! All jobs can be stressful, some of that is related to your actual workload, a troublesome colleague, broken equipment or the office “buck-a-brew” (you know that one person who never takes their turn to make a cuppa!)

But according to a recent survey, some jobs are genuinely more stressful than others. The top 10 list has been put together based on factors such as travel time, the chance to progress, how demanding the job is both mentally and physically and environmental conditions.

Ken Trinder, Dalmatian Systems Managing Director said, “the results of the survey may surprise you. Some people decide on a career not really knowing what it properly entails, they may seem glamorous, but the reality is, they involve long working hours and can be incredibly tough. It’s always worth chatting to someone in that profession to see if the fantasy of that job lives up to the reality. You’re at work a long time, so try and make sure what you do is something you enjoy!”

This is the top 10 list of stressful jobs:


What’s your opinion? Do you agree with the list?




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