Getting the right person to fill a job vacancy can be difficult. You need to find someone with the right qualifications, who can do the job, who will add something to your existing team and most importantly will fit in!

Soft Skills have become increasingly important, when hiring the right candidate. Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal people skills, as well as social and communication skills.

These include;

  1. Taking the Initiative – Someone who can come up with an idea and put it into action. The project will in some way benefit your business.
  2. Being Dependable – As an employer, you want someone who will arrive on time, complete any project they’re given and always be willing to help.
  3. Presentable – Your employees should be a great representation of your business. Being able to deal with clients on and off site. You want someone who fully understands your company ethos and portrays that at all times.
  4. Problem Solver – With any business, there will be times when things don’t quite go to plan; a member of staff phones in sick on the day of a huge presentation, an important client turns up unexpectedly or it’s just “one of those days”. Whatever the situation, you want someone on your team, who will try and find a solution to the problem, either by helping to pull together that important presentation, dealing with that client or just generally doing whatever is needed to help.
  5. Flexible – Deadlines can change at a moment’s notice and you need people on your team, who can adapt to that and still deliver and remain focused.
  6. Vocal – Employees should be encouraged to offer their opinions on things during meetings, but also be able to take feedback themselves. Employees who can join in stimulating discussions can play influential roles in the workplace.
  7. Encouraging – Everyone will put on their CV that they’re a “team player”, but very few people can deliver on this. Employees should be willing to work with co-workers, not only learning from their skills, but also be willing to share their own.

Finding an employee with a strong set of soft skills and more traditional qualifications means you will be gaining a very valuable member of staff.


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