We’ve all heard the famous Shakespeare quote “A rose by any other name, would still smell as sweet”, what he’s basically saying is that even if the rose was called something else, it would still smell good. So, what if you had two candidates applying for the same job, each one had exactly the same set of qualifications and skill set, but one had an English name and the other a Muslim name. Surely you’d invite both for an interview and take it from there?

A recent piece of research from the BBC’s “Inside Out London” found that a job seeker with an English sounding name was offered three times the number of interviews than an applicant with a Muslim name.

The programme sent out 100 CV’s with identical skills and experience, but one was from “Adam” and the other “Mohammed”.  These were the results.


Although the research conducted, only took into account a small sample, the results are shocking.

Dalmatian Systems MD Ken Trinder

Dalmatian Systems Managing Director Ken Trinder said “discriminating against someone because of something you can imply from their CV is wrong. People should be hired on their ability to do the job and what they have to offer your business as an individual. We are developing a system that will hopefully put an end to this sort of discrimination and ensure that the right person for the job is connected with the business based purely on their skill set and qualifications”

If you’d like to know more about Dalmatian Systems or maybe request a demo, then please contact us via our website or phone our office (01623) 287880




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