Your staff are one of your businesses most important assets, they can really help shape how your company is perceived by its clients as well as contributing to its success. Yet some businesses make the mistake of not trying to retain their staff, they seem happy to ave them off somewhere else, under the illusion that the staff member is bettering their career by earning more money. But surely as a business owner you want the very best staff available working for you and being a part of what you are trying to create?

In another life I worked as a journalist, who in commercial radio terms were treated as the lowest of the low. Very often it was someone’s first job out of Uni and these people were enthusiastic and work all the hours god sent for very little pay. The irony was, that they were very often the best trained, hardest working and most talented people in the station. Yet it was generally accepted that they’d stay a year and then head off to the BBC for an illustrious career and the whole recruitment process for the commercial station would start again. What a waste of time and money.

Whilst in some cases there’s very little you can do to stop someone leaving, the job might not be quite right for them, their personal circumstances might change or they just generally fancy a change, surely it makes sense to at least try and retain a strong workforce?

Here’s our tips to keeping your workforce happy and on track.

  1. Value them
  • It might seem obvious, but saying “thank you” and “you’re doing a great job” are phrases that mean a lot particularly if you genuinely mean it!
  • If you notice that a staff member is really going above and beyond the call of duty, then thank them for it, similarly if someone pulls of a major deal, then acknowledge it.
  • Some businesses will have an employee of the week / month trophy and again these can be a good idea for highlighting the efforts of your staff.
  1. Empower your Staff
  • Whilst “yes people” are all very well, they don’t really help move your business forward, make sure your staff have the confidence to offer their opinions on certain matters.
  • Ask for their opinions too, very often they’re the ones who are dealing with clients and customers on a one to one basis and will be made aware of things that maybe could be done better.
  • Listen to what they have to say and if possible implent their ideas.

3. Training

  • Very often someone will leave a company because they feel like they’re stagnating, they aren’t learning anything new, there’s no training available and they can’t see a clear career progression. By making sure that your company offers employees a chance to upskill, you’ll help staff feel like there’s options for them within your company.
  • Training also helps staff feel valued, because why would you be spending money on training if you didn’t think they were worth it?
  • Plus ultimately staff training and helping them develop new ideas will help your business grow and move forward.
  1. Be Flexible
  • Where possible try and be flexible with your staff, I know some people panic doing this as they feel that there’ll always be someone that will take advantage, but very often these people are far and few between and probably don’t belong in your business.
  • By being flexible and giving staff the means to manage their own diary very often means they’ll do more than what is asked of them.
  1. Share your Vision
  • When you set up a company you will know exactly what you’re trying to achieve and where you see it going. This may change slightly as you grow, but do your staff know what the ultimate aim is?
  • Letting your staff share your vision means that you’re all working towards the same goal.

Succession planning can also play a part in ensuring you make the most of your staff, if you don’t have a succession plan in place, then our previous blog has all the help and advice you’ll need.




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