Anyone who has ever looked for a new job will tell you that the two most annoying things about job hunting are;

  • Never getting any form of response from a job you’ve applied for, not even a “we’ll keep your details on file”
  • Going for an interview and just receiving a standard “thanks, but no thanks” type rejection.

These can be soul destroying, particularly if you’ve spent time crafting the perfect application and it was a job you really wanted. The worst thing can be not knowing why you were turned down, which is why it’s absolutely fine to ask for feedback!

If you are unsuccessful at the interview stage, then you are entitled to ask for feedback, most people don’t bother, but it’s an important part of your job search to know where you can put things right. Businesses that use Dalmatian PROServer will find it incredibly easy to provide feedback.

If you’re going to phone, then take some time to think about what you’re going to say. Make some notes so that nerves don’t get the better of you. Make a list of points that you’d like to cover so that you don’t put the phone down feeling like you’ve missed something. Speak clearly and listen to what the other person is saying.

If you’re nervous about speaking to someone over the phone then e-mail. Take the time to think about how you want to phrase things and set it out like you would a letter.

Whatever way you choose to request feedback, you should remain polite, try and avoid Tweeting or Facebooking about how rubbish you think that company is or getting aggressive over the phone. You don’t want to burn your bridges with that company and it might be, that just because that position wasn’t right for you, there wont be something in the future that comes up is.

Take all the feedback on board and use it for your next interview. Everyone experiences rejection in their career even the most successful and famous, so use it to help you achieve your goal.

If you’re a business and you’d like to know more about how Dalmatian PROServer will benefit your HR processes, then please contact us for more information.


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