I was shocked to see a recruiter advise people to use white text on their CV, stating by adding a third page which contained key words written in white text, they’d easily get through any filter. I thought the post was incredibly misguided, it’s alright telling people how to buck the system, but the fact remains that if your CV does manage to make it through, when an actual person reads it, you still won’t get the interview, let alone the job!

On the surface using white text might seem like a really good idea, there are many pitfalls, for example.

  • If you genuinely have the skills, don’t you want a potential employer to actually see them?
  • What if you forget to make the text white? One of the first impressions a potential employer gets of you is a poorly presented CV with a list of random keywords?
  • If you are caught out, it gives the impression that you’re lazy and a cheat and that’s not great, particularly if it’s a job you really want.

As someone who has looked at many CV’s over the years and conducted Interviews, it is incredibly frustrating when someone looks great on paper, but during the interview, you realise that they’ve made half their CV up. It’s a waste of time, effort and money.

Dalmatian PROServer has been built using sophisticated software, which means candidates and jobs are matched using our smart selection engine. Candidates are scored quickly and accurately based on their skills and experience.

Dalmatian PROServer allows you to set the criteria that you want, so that you only see candidates that are an exact match. These can be set according to certain qualifications, years of experience or skill set. It means that for positions that are likely to attract many applicants, you can save yourself time and money by filtering out anyone unsuitable immediately and only seeing the ones that match what you want in an employee.

Dalmatian PROServer is due to launch in the next couple of weeks, so if you would like to know more about how it can help your business, then please contact us.



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