We all know that applying for a job can take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes you put together a CV, to find you also have to fill in an application form or answer essay type questions. It can feel like there’s a lot of hoops to jump through before you get anywhere near an interview. As it can be such a lengthy process, it very often leads to applicants making a mistakes.

This is a list of the top 10 mistakes applicants make and how to avoid them!

  1. They don’t follow instructions – We’re all busy, who has time to read instructions? It could however be part of the application process itself, it’s a great way of an employer finding out immediately if you can follow instructions.
  2. They leave sections of the application form blank – Some people leave sections blank because they don’t know what to write in them or they think it’s not relevant to them. This might be true if the application form you’re filling in, is a standard template that a company uses for all jobs. If something isn’t relevant to you, then state “not applicable”, but if it’s there for a reason, then don’t leave it blank, it looks like you can’t be bothered.
  3. They don’t tailor make a CV for a specific job – Tailor making a CV for a specific job can be really time consuming, but the truth is, if you take the time to highlight your experience that is most relevant to the job you’re applying for, then you stand a better chance of being offered an interview. Dalmatian Systems, allows you to create a free CV at the touch of a button, so you can tailor make a CV for every single job you go for at the touch of a button.
  4. They don’t explain employment gaps – don’t ignore any gaps in your career history, whatever they were for. Whether you took a career break to raise a family or care for someone or go travelling, make sure you acknowledge it.
  5. They use crazy fonts and bright colours – Although, they’ll make you stand out from the crowd, it will be for all the wrong reasons! Your CV will look unprofessional. Using one of the templates on Dalmatian Systems, means that you will instantly create a professional looking CV, which you save to your computer to use whenever you want.
  6. They use an inappropriate e-mail address – Maybe set up a separate e-mail account for job applications, it should be your name or initials, but nothing that will draw attention to you for the wrong reasons!
  7. They create a CV that’s too long or too short – On average your CV should be a concise two pages long. Any longer and a potential employer probably won’t read it, any shorter and it will look like you don’t have any experience. Using Dalmatian to create your CV means that you will instantly have a professional CV that contains all your relevant experience and qualifications. It can also be easily altered, so that you can tailor make an application for every job you apply for.
  8. They leave spelling mistakes in their application – Check, check and check again! It’s also worth getting someone else to check it through too.
  9. They apply for unsuitable jobsDalmatian will help match you with appropriate jobs, showing your suitability as a percentage match. Employers have to sift through hundreds of applications and it’s very frustrating and time consuming having to go through inappropriate ones. Dalmatian, will help point you in the direction of applying for jobs that are the most suitable for you. It will also show you whether or not you need to add to your skillset, so that you can take on additional training to help you get your dream job.
  10. They submit their application late – If your application is late, then there’s very little hope a potential employer will even look at it. It shows that you don’t (or can’t) stick to deadlines.

Putting together the perfect CV / application form is time consuming and difficult, so why not let Dalmatian do it for you? It’s FREE to sign up, FREE to use and FREE to create a tailor made CV.

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