Every time I’ve bothered to tailor make a CV to match a specific job application, I’ve ended up getting the job. Yes, it was time consuming, yes it took me ages, yes there was the time when my computer kept crashing and I ended up doing the CV five times and began to wonder if the Universe was trying to tell me something, but I stuck with it! But I got the job!

There’s been many other times I’ve gone for jobs and haven’t bothered to do this, I’ve simply e-mailed over my standard two page, perfectly adequate CV and hoped for the best. Sometimes I’ve been offered an interview, other times not.

So why should you bother to make a tailor make a CV? The main reason you should, is that it will help put you ahead of the other applicants. Taking the time to read through the job advert and break it down into sections, means that you can start to craft your skills to match what the employer is looking for. There will some of your skills and achievements that are more relevant than others and you shouldn’t be scared of putting more detail about those and cutting down the information about the ones that aren’t suitable.

Using keywords that are mentioned in the job advert is the application version of mirroring someone’s body language! As an employer is reading your CV, subconsciously they’ll start to see your application as an ideal fit, because it mirrors the language they’ve used and the skills they want in an employee.

The longer your career history, the more skills and experience you will have, some will be relevant and some won’t be. It might even be that you’ve changed career at some point. Tailor making your CV means that a potential employer will only see what’s relevant to their job. It also means that your CV won’t be several pages long, because to be honest if you haven’t piqued their interest after two pages, then you won’t after seven!

If the thought of tailor making a CV fills you full of fear, because you simply don’t have the time, then sign up for Dalmatian. Our platform is free to sign up, free to use and free to create a CV! Using our word cloud technology, you can easily select the skills from your profile that are the most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Our system then generates your CV using your selections.

If you’d like to join the Dalmatian Nation, then visit our website.


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