I always think that being a boss, is a bit like being the England Manager, everyone always thinks they can do the job better than the person doing it. Being the boss can be a tough and thankless job!

We’ve all had bosses who have been amazing and who we feel have shaped and moulded our careers and then there’s those who have been hopelessly over promoted and you wonder how they manage to get out of bed in a morning let alone manage a team.

If you’re a boss, which category do you fall into?

Here’s our top 5 signs you’re a bad boss.

  1. Your staff keep leaving
  • Seems obvious, but if you have a high turnover of staff, maybe you’re the reason! A bad boss is the number 1 reason that people will quit their job, even if it’s a position they love!
  • An exit interview might help you establish, just why your staff are leaving and if it’s something you can put right.
  1. You take credit for other peoples’ work.
  • There’s the school of thought, that because you led the team to victory, then you’re entitled to take the credit for all successes, even if you haven’t necessarily had a lot to do with the project.
  • Doing this is a sure fire way of really annoying your staff.
  • A good manager is secure enough to let their staff take the credit, by doing this they’ll feel far more motivated to perform well in the future and your amazing management skills will shine even brighter to your boss as your inspiring a brilliant team!
  1. You’re negative.
  • I had a boss once, who had a problem for every solution! He spent every day moaning about anything and everything! He shouted at people in front of each other and his general misery bought the whole team down.
  • If you’re prepared to take the salary for being the boss, then you have to be prepared to deal with the stresses that come with that and to a certain extent to get the best out of your team, you need to shield them from the things they don’t need to know about.
  • If there is a management decision that’s getting you down, try talking to someone else, who is the same level as you.
  1. You never say thank you.
  • You don’t have to make huge dramatic gestures, but a simple “thank you” can mean the world to someone.
  • Studies show that 80% of staff who perform well have received some form of recognition for something they’ve done well. Some businesses may have an “Employee of the week / month” type award, which can be as simple as a trophy that is placed on the desk of whoever has won it that week / month.
  1. You don’t do performance reviews.
  • Performance reviews are a great way of getting to know how your staff are getting on in their job, what they like, what they dislike and what they’d like to improve.
  • If you’re avoiding doing them, it might be that you’re worried you’ll find out that the thing your staff member dislikes and the thing they’d like to improve is you!
  • Employees do appreciate a performance review as it allows them to track their own progress and know if they’re doing well or not!
  • A performance review also gives you the chance to say thank you to them for all their hard work! (see point number 4)

There’s no one size-fits all when it comes to being a boss and different people respond to different management styles, so what’s right for one person won’t be right for another, but hopefully by avoiding some of the pitfalls we’ve mentioned, you’ll be on your way to being a good boss!


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