Dalmatian BeSpotted takes the tedium out of job hunting allowing you to create bespoke CVs, or apply for jobs with the click of a mouse. Select and deselect what content you wish to show prospective new employers, employers you may have found via the BeSpotted Jobs board.

But there is much more to the Dalmatian BeSpotted system than free bespoke CV creation folks and if, like me, you find the tedium of filling in application forms, or updating/redesigning your CV every time you find a job you want to apply for, turns you cold, then the brand new web application, designed by Dalmatian Systems might just be the answer to your job hunting prayers.

Dalmatian has developed a free to use, integrated career portfolio and job board system which allows prospective employees (known as talent) to input all their skills, work history, experience, qualifications and achievements via an easy to use portal.

Then, via the BeSpotted job search function, not only can the clever rule engine tell you if there are any jobs listed on the Dalmatian ProServer job boards which match your search criteria BUT (and this is the really clever bit) it can also tell you what percentage match you are based on the criteria entered by the company listing the vacancy. The rule engine checks all the skills, experience, qualifications you  have entered into your portfolio, against the requirements of the job applied for and can even calculate the amount of time spent in acquiring specific experience, or in specific roles and measures this against any criteria specified in the job listing.

Gone are the days of crossing your fingers and hoping you’ve met the job specification, as you post/electronically send off your CV, or a painstakingly completed application form.

The Dalmatian ProServer and BeSpotted web applications, talk to each other and you will know within seconds, before you even apply, whether or not you fit the brief: which areas of your portfolio need more detail; which skills, experience or qualifications you are missing.


And here’s the thing, if you’ve simply missed something off your portfolio, or maybe you haven’t used quite the right phrasing, you can amend /update your information via your dashboard and then return to the job in question and try again. Job hunting made simple

So click into Dalmatian.me, hit the ‘join for free’ button and discover the easiest and most comprehensive career management tool out there – the future’s here and it’s time to BeSpotted.

One thought on “Dalmatian BeSpotted – Taking the Tedium out of Job Hunting – Guest Blog by Marion Wright

  1. This is excellent Marion. I like your clear description of Dalmatian Systems to make job hunting and CV writing, easy. Showing how the system is different and inclusive to the employer and the job seeker. Very clever System indeed, making use of mobile devices to keep track entering achievements to a CV.
    I will recommend it to all my friends and family, even if at this moment they are not looking for work. Job security is a thing of the past and I am in favour of being prepared.


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