Ever wondered what it’s like to be a real life ghost hunter? Lee Roberts is a paranormal investigator, and founder of Haunted Events UK, he gives an insight to a day (or night in his life)

Paranormal Investigator, Lee Roberts.

I’ve been investigating the Paranormal for the past 22 years; I’ve actually been interested in the Paranormal since I was 6 years old though, it started when I went on a school trip to Newstead Abbey. The tour guide told us the ghost story of The White Lady and from that point something just ticked inside me, I was hooked.

When I was 18 I decided to get some equipment together and ask as many locations as possible if I could stay the night or at least a few hours during the night. I eventually built up my equipment, team and knowledge.

In 2006 I started running events for members of public to join me at the locations and I managed to get exclusive rights at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. The events were so popular, that eventually locations such as Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest and the place where it all started Newstead Abbey asked me to run events.

If you’re thinking of beginning a paranormal investigator, then there are no real qualifications you can do, I went down the route of doing a Leisure and Tourism GNVQ.  That helped me have an insight into public events, something I refer back to even now. I’ve since taken other qualifications but again nothing that is important in terms of Ghost Hunting.

I’m probably the only full time Ghost Hunter in the UK, I’m very lucky to be able to do my hobby as a job. Most investigators run events and have a full time job to fund themselves. I’m lucky that I have some very good exclusive venues and also a very supportive family.

I can spend most days looking after my children, do the school runs and be a stay at home Dad.

In between the school runs I’m busy organising, promoting and selling tickets for forthcoming events. During the weekend I am out on location from 6.30pm until 3am every Friday and Saturday night. When I say out on location, I’m either running events, supervising other teams on events or investigating locations for research purposes.

Lee & Derek
Lee in action with Derek Acorah

I also film TV and Social media projects quite a lot, so I have to squeeze that in when I’m not working an event.

I love the fact that I am my own boss and I am able to do something I am truly passionate about. I love my job; it is never the same one day to the next.

I have a real sense of pride that I’ve built something out of nothing. I have had everyone tell me how the Paranormal will never work as a job, how I need to find a “real” job, well, I’m proud my children don’t have to go to a childminders over the holidays or after school, I’m proud I can afford to go and spend a few weeks away each year in a hot country funded by my job, I’m proud that I can run events each week and give 100’s of people a great experience each week.

If someone is interested in becoming a paranormal investigator, then the best advice I can give you is to get out there and learn from experience. Join a local team or attend some public events, don’t jump in feet first, take your time and build up slowly. Most importantly get permission, don’t trespass.

Lee on a ghost hunt

Before I got started, I wish I’d have known to go to Sky TV back in 2002 with my idea for a Paranormal show before Yvette Fielding did. It would have made me so much more money.

You can find out more about Lee and his events by visiting his website, or to find out what events Lee has coming up, click here. You can also keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

Lee Roberts

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