Did you get your SQA results and have been left feeling a bit disappointed because they weren’t what you were expecting? It might be that a job is your next step.

If going to University is no longer an option, or your plan was to start work whatever your results, then you’ll need to think about creating a CV. Putting a CV together can take time and if you’ve never had to do one before, where do you start?

Welcome to Dalmatian! Our platform will help you create a career portfolio, which you can keep adding to throughout your whole career!

Using our word cloud technology, Dalmatian helps you create a portfolio at the touch of a button, adding in qualifications, skills, work history and goals. The updates are as easy to add as sending a Tweet or posting a Facebook status. All the updates combine to create a rich and full profile, which you can use to create a tailor made CV, so you can best match your skills with the requirements of the job you’re applying for without having to spend hours re-doing your CV each time.


Dalmatian is secure, safe and private, with your data always belonging to you!

Once you’ve created your profile, you can create a tailor-made CV at the touch of a button. There’s a whole selection of templates you can choose from too, so your CV can be as individual as you are! Once you’ve made your choice, you can save it as a PDF to e-mail off or print out.

CV screenshot

Join the Dalmatian Nation now and #BeSpotted!

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