If you’ve got you’re A-Level results and they weren’t quite what you were expecting, it can feel like the end of the world. All of a sudden there’s a decision to make about what to do next.

Do you try and get a place through clearing? Or do you re-sit and try again the following year? It might be that you’ve decided the best thing to do whilst you make your mind up is to get a job.

To get a job, you’re going to need a CV, which can be time consuming and you also want something that’s really going to “sell” you to a potential employer. Paying someone to put together a CV for you can be costly and if you’re applying for a few different types of jobs, then you might need a couple of different versions, which will bump up the cost!

Maybe it’s time to join the Dalmatian Nation! Dalmatian Systems is a platform, where not only can you create a free portfolio, which you can update throughout your whole career. You can also generate a free CV.

Using our word cloud technology, Dalmatian helps you create a portfolio at the touch of a button, adding in qualifications, skills, work history and goals. The updates are as easy to add as sending a Tweet or posting a Facebook status. All the updates combine to create a rich and full profile, which you can use to create a tailor-made CV, so you can best match your skills with the requirements of the job you’re applying for without having to spend hours re-doing your CV each time.


Dalmatian is secure, safe and private, with your data always belonging to you!

Once you’ve created your profile, you can create a tailor-made CV at the touch of a button, which you can save as a PDF to e-mail off or print out.

CV Template2

Join the Dalmatian Nation now and #BeSpotted!

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