It’s been a few weeks since I set up my portfolio on the Dalmatian Systems BeSpotted portal and I have to say that it’s been a fantastic tool when it comes to completing application forms.

With more than 30 years of experience, job history, qualifications and skills behind me, it took a little while to complete my portfolio but it has been well worth the time and effort, not only because of the ease with which I can now amend and update the information contained within my portfolio, or generate a bespoke CV.

No, the added bonus for me has been that when completing application forms, a couple of clicks of the touchpad or mouse and I have all my job history, or qualifications, laid out in front of me, in chronological order. And, as if this isn’t enough, another couple of taps of the screen and all the skills and experience I have linked to each job comes into view, ready for me to list.

Gone are the days of sitting with a notepad working out when I started and finished a job, when I was at a specific school or college.

I’m no longer desperately trying to remember all the duties of a given job to evidence my experience and skills.

As for the certificates for the various qualifications, grades, dates and levels I have accumulated both academically and professionally over my career? I no longer need them by my side as I work my way through an application form. They can stay filed away until, if I’m lucky, I need them for an interview because all that information is now at my fingertips, on my portfolio, ready to be accessed and displayed as needed, using the filter buttons on the portfolio page.

Completing a job application just became speedier and less of a chore and in a world where busy lives means that making time to do mundane (if necessary) things such as career advancement is a luxury many people can’t afford to do, then Dalmatian BeSpotted definitely takes the pain out of the process.

So click into, and join for free and discover the easiest and most comprehensive career management tool out there – the future’s here and it’s time to BeSpotted.

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