Dalmatian Systems are pleased to announce that release v1-1-171025-2 is now available on the platform. This update includes some exciting new features!

New functionality to add a Hobby to your portfolio

When you click on the big plus button at the top of your Dalmatian BeSpotted pages you will now see the new Hobby item in the list of item types that you can add to your portfolio. Please note that currently this option is only available via the ‘solo’ journey.

Please click on any of the following thumbnail images to view a larger version

If you choose to add a hobby you will see a new page where you can enter the name of your hobby along with a brief description of what your hobby is all about. You will also be prompted for a date that you started the hobby.  If you can’t remember the exact date but can remember it was for example in 2010 then you can simply type in 1/1/10 into the date box. This will ensure the hobby will be added into your portfolio timeline in the correct year.

When you click on continue you will then have the option of linking some or all of your existing portfolio items to your hobby. For example you may have already created an experience item that may be associated with your hobby, no problem, just tick the experience item and when you click on continue the system will link your experience item to your new hobby item.

Once you have added a few hobbies to your portfolio and you have linked experiences, achievements and goals to your hobbies you can then utilise the new portfolio hobby filter. This functionality allows you to instantly filter all your portfolio down to just a few items linked to your selected hobby. To use this filter go into your portfolio and you’ll see a set of grey buttons below the big square portfolio item filter buttons. Click on the ‘Hobby Filter’ button and the page will display a list of your hobbies. You can click on one or more of these hobbies and your portfolio will instantly be filtered down to just those items linked to the selected hobby or hobbies. You can use the main portfolio item filters (big square buttons) to futher refine your filtering down to just those item types you wish to see, such as experience, achievements and hobbies.


New functionality to add a Hobby to your CV

The new hobby items are now included in the item types available to use within our free ‘Create a CV’ tool. When you click on Create a CV you will now see a new section on the page that lists all your hobbies as clickable tags. By default hobbies are excluded from any CV you create but if you wish to include a hobby, click or tap on it. The red cross will be removed and the hobby will turn green with a tick to show that it will be included on your CV. When you include a hobby, the system will automatically tick any items that are linked to it for inclusion on your CV.


All of our free CV templates now include a hobby section where you choose to include hobbies on your CV. The hobby sections will include your hobby name, your brief hobby description and a bullet point list of any experiences linked to the hobby.


Other new functionality on the Create a CV page

In addition to the hobby functionality we have also added some other useful functionality to the Create a CV tool. There are two new sections at the foot of the page. ‘Profile/About You’ and ‘Your Contact Details’.

In the ‘Profile/About You’ section you can override the default profile ‘About You’ text. Maybe you need to write a completely different ‘About You’ summary for a particular job, no problem, just click on the ‘Change About You’ button and you will be able to modify the existing text (pulled in from your profile) or write an entirely new summary that will be used for just this CV while leaving your profile ‘About You’ unchanged.

The ‘Your Contact Details’ shows your current profile contact details, some or all of which may be used on the CV templates. If you wish to create a CV with a different email, phone number or town than is shown on your main profile then click on the ‘Change Contact Details’ and you will be able to enter different contact details for just this CV. Your profile will remain unchanged.


More free CV templates added

By popular request, this release also includes three new CV templates that are more classic in appearance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you find the new functionality useful and have fun using it.





















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