During a recent conversation with a friend, we were chatting about the best piece of advice we’d ever been given, I remember an old boss saying to me “That clock stops for no-one”

At the time, he meant that I had to be organised and make sure that I got the news bulletin ready to go out at the top of the hour, but lately I’ve taken his advice to mean that whatever it is I want to achieve then I’ve got to just get on and do it.

What’s the best bit of career advice you’ve ever been given? Here’s a selection, I’ve collated;

John Evans, Journalist – “When I was 27 and I was wondering whether to study six years at night for a French degree or study full-time:  my Dad said, “Just get your degree and no one can take it away from you, then you can do whatever you want after that.”

Melanie Wilson, receptionist; “You’re never too old to learn! I have totally changed careers due to stuff that’s happened in my life”

Debbie Sheringham‪, Radio Producer; “Keep doing what you enjoy and what you’re good at, and eventually it’ll lead you to something good.”

Kim Waite, Sales Executive; ‪ “Do what you enjoy, and go with your gut feeling! ”

‪Peter Topley, Sales Manager; ‪ “Always do your best. Be honest. Don’t over promise and under deliver. In life there are choices, remember you are where your feet are”

‪Lee Roberts, Haunted Events UK – ‪ “Always believe in yourself and your ideas and don’t be afraid of rejection. The most successful people thrive on rejection as it fuels them to prove others wrong.”

James Footitt, Sales Executive; ‪ “If Someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure you can do it say yes, then learn how to do it.”

Diane Stubbs‪, Owner of Tips to Toe Beauty Salon; “Always be yourself and true to what you want”

Charlene Roe;‪ “My very first manager told me, don’t stay too long in the same area (of nursing) get a broad range of experience. This has served me well”

‪Joyce Booker‪, retired nurse; “Formal training is important, it keeps you interested in your job and can be financially rewarding too. All knowledge is useful.”

‪Richard Waring; ‪” Go and make your mistakes elsewhere then come back and work for me. Thanks Dad!”

Esther Damary-George‪, Marketing Manager; “My Dad has always been my mentor and he told me to take my seat at the table and be heard, he also said that you should never think you are above anyone or that anyone is above you, for a business to succeed everyone has an important role to play”

Paul Wright, Sales Manager for Back 2 Work Complete Training; ‪ “My boss told me to never change because I make the difference, he told me that at a low point in my life even though I was the hardest person to manage! ”

‪Alan Wilson;‪ “My Dad always said if you don’t try you will never know”

Chris Greig, CG Advertising; “There’s loads of good (and bad) advice that I have been given over the years. A bit of good advice I always remember is ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’. I know it is a quote from Gary Player about golf but it works in business. A bit of bad advice I was given in the first week of being in radio, was from an ‘old salt’ who said not to bother the business who had enquired about advertising as they were the ‘wrong type of business to advertise’. I ignored him and it turned into a £27k booking!!”

Amir Bazrafshan, Managing Director at Apricot Video Marketing; “A guy I used to work for once said “take the stance that you can always learn more, work hard and stay humble”. It’s pretty solid advice and it’s something I’ve remembered since graduating from uni!”

Sam Kirk Marketing & Communications Manager at J-Flex; “You can always learn more” is a great bit of advice I’ve heard a few times. Perhaps more importantly as you progress up the chain, “Listen”. That’s quite a useful tool.”

Tim Elliott,  Marketing Strategist, Speaker, MarketEd.Live Co-founder; “My 1st boss had some real pearlers, people buy people, we are all in the customer service game, communication is the fuel business runs on”

We’d love to hear what’s the best bit of career advice you’ve ever been given.


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