As part of the Dalmatian Job Show, we will be running a series of workshops and our Managing Director, Katie Trinder will be hosting one on interview techniques.

Before Katie took over as our Managing Director, she worked as a journalist and radio presenter for both BBC and Commercial radio stations. She has almost 20 years worth of experience when it comes to interviewing people. Conducting interviews with politicians, celebrities, sports stars and members of the public. Katie has interviewed Michael Buble, Gary Barlow, Olly Murs, Philip Pullman and Terry Pratchett (although she refuses to tell us who the most difficult person was that she’s interviewed!)

KT Dalmatian

Katie also has a wealth of experience is training people in interview techniques, how to be confident in interviews and most importantly how to deal with difficult questions!

Katie will be hosting two workshops throughout the day at 11.15am and 12.45pm, but will be on hand throughout the day for anyone wanting any advice on putting together their CV.

The Dalmatian Job Show takes place at Portland College on the 20th February between 10am and 2pm and is open to everyone. The show is free to attend and there’s also free parking.

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