Imagine getting to travel the world, staying in Palaces and mixing with the Royal family? Well that’s what Grant Harrold, the Royal Butler does, he shares a day in his life.

I have been running the company ‘Nicholas Veitch Limited’ and acting as ‘The Royal Butler’ for 7 years. My company offers Etiquette Classes, Butler Training and Media work. My places of work vary, so I tend to move between Blenheim Palace, The Ritz Hotel, Borthwick Castle and Thornbury Castle.

6. Grant Harrold The Royal Butler Copyright Nicholas Veitch copy
Grant Harold, the Royal Butler, copyright Nicholas Veitch

I was a former Butler to Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prior to that I was a Butler for the Dukes of Bedford (14th Duke and 15th Duke).

17. Queen and Grant. Copyright Anna Phillips.jpg (Edited) copy
The Queen and Grant Harrold, copyright Anna Phillips

I went self-employed after leaving the Royal household in 2011. I decided it would be a fun job to teach people how to behave around Royals, and train Butlers, which were two Jobs I learnt while working for the Royals. The TV side came along due to the uniqueness of what I offer. The first TV role was in Country House from 1999 to 2003. My most recent role was in “A Right Royal Quiz” shown on New Year’s Day on ITV.

I have been working as a butler and in the world of TV for almost 20 years. During this time, I learnt the role of a Butler/House Manager. The TV side taught me how to perform in front of camera and present. The presenting came in handy last year when I guest presented a section of “Rip Off Britain”.

My days can see me travelling the world, working in Palaces, Castles etc. The hours vary depending on the work. Typically, my day starts at 9am and finishes around 5pm. My day can see me running etiquette courses, classes and workshops for overseas or British clients. The Butler courses also run across the country and will see me teaching a new generation of Butlers, and the TV work is very ad hock. One minute I will be called in as an expert on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the next minute I am a Royal Commentator for Sky News, and I might be filming for a Royal/Etiquette Documentary the following day.

It would be hard to pick a best thing about my job, because I love everything about it. People have told me I have created the best job in the world. I love the world of Butlers, and television and I get to work within both and to work with amazing people, even Royals!

Without Question, the thing I’m most proud of is working for two Dukes of Bedford and The British Royal Family. I used to pinch myself most days as I couldn’t believe I was looking after these amazing people. I am also proud to have created a company that offers unique experiences to clients across the globe at high end venues. The company is growing from year to year and this year we added Borthwick Castle to our list of venues.

3. HRH The Prince of Wales with Grant Harrold. Copyright Paul Burns copy
HRH the Prince of Wales with Grant Harold, copyright Paul Burns

For anyone who’s wanting to pursue a similar career, I’d say never give up on your dreams. From a young age I wanted to work with or be involved with Royals. I also wanted to be an actor. Both of which I have made come true, so never give up despite how difficult it might seem. I am always saying this to children who have dreams that others try to crush.

I don’t actually think there is anything I wish I’d known prior to my job other than how much I would have enjoyed it. If I had known this I may have done it sooner, however I believe in fate and this has guided me into the amazing job I do now.


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