Being stuck in a job you hate is really tough. You find yourself wishing away the week just to get to Friday and then spend the weekend dreading Monday morning! Maybe it’s time to look for a change.

Changing careers can be scary, it can also have an effect on the lives of your family, but making that change might not necessarily mean starting from scratch, because you’re bound to have skills that you can apply to a new job.

Transferable skills are ones that you’ve gathered through various jobs, volunteer work, hobbies, even life experience; they can all be used in a change of career.

Using your Dalmatian profile, list the jobs that you’ve had and then link the skills and responsibilities that you gained doing that job. If you know what sort of career you’d like to pursue, then have a look for what jobs are available in that field on our site. When you go to apply for the job, Dalmatian will show you how much of a match you are according to your existing skills, as well as highlighting which ones you’re missing. This will help you decide if you need to add to your skill-set or gain extra qualifications.

If you’re re-entering the workforce after a career break then follow a similar process, using your Dalmatian profile. Create your profile adding in life experiences, hobbies or volunteer work and look at the skills you’ve gained through those.

Your transferable skills can be things such as

  • An ability to plan and arrange events and activities.
  • Delegating responsibility.
  • Design skills – clothes / furniture / leaflets etc.
  • Managing finances.
  • Language skills – specify which language.
  • Ability to use sign language / read braille.
  • You can motivate others.
  • Deal with obstacles and crises.
  • Present written and oral material.
  • Manage your time effectively.
  • Keeping records.
  • Handling complaints.
  • Coaching others.
  • Researching projects.
  • Computer skills.

If you’re looking to change careers, then it’s always good to chat to someone in that industry or try and arrange some work experience. That way you’ll get a real sense of whether it’s for you and you can also assess what transferable skills you have that would benefit the job and / or if you’ll need to do any additional training. Our “Day in the Life of” blogs also offer a real insight into a variety of careers.

Your Dalmatian profile, will help you assess what skills and experience you have that can be transferred to another career. It’s also something that you can keep updating throughout your whole career, using it to apply for jobs on our site or to create a free CV.

Dalmatian is free and easy to use and you can create your profile here.

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