Putting together a CV or job application, can be an absolute nightmare, but the reality is that in most instances it’s the first impression a potential employer will get of you.

Creating a Dalmatian profile will help take away most of the pain of applying for a job. Once you’ve signed up (which is free), we will take you through a joining journey which will help and prompt you as to what should be included.

On your profile, there’s the option to put your education, your qualifications, your skills, your achievements, your hobbies and goals. You can keep adding and updating your profile as your skill set and career develops.

You can use your profile to apply for a job on the Dalmatian job board or use it to create a free CV. Whether your using your Dalmatian profile to apply for a job or using it to create a CV, you can tailor make your application. You can select the information you want to include that will best highlight your relevance for the job.

Using a Dalmatian CV will take away the stress of trying to format it correctly, it will also take away the temptation to use crazy fonts, colours and emoticons!

However, Dalmatian can only help you so much and there are still things that you need to be careful with on your CV


  • Dalmatian gives you the opportunity to have a photo on your CV, if you want.
  • However, it will use the photo that you’ve uploaded as your profile picture, so make sure it’s something appropriate, that will give a good impression of you.


  • A CV is no place for text speak, no exceptions! The same goes for Emoticons. A phrase such as; “I am a fun person LOL ;)” wont give a very good impression.
  • Also once you’ve put your CV together, check and double check for poor grammar and spelling mistakes. You can’t list as a skill that you pay attention to detail if your CV is littered with mistakes.
  • Once you’ve checked it, then get someone else to have a read through too.


  • Never lie on your CV! You might think it’s only a harmless white lie, but if you’re asked to use the skill you claim you have or produce your education certificates, you’ll be shown to be a liar and that’s not a good impression to make.


  • Whilst it’s good to include some personal details, make sure that it’s all relevant.
  • We once received a CV from someone where they spent the whole 2 pages talking about the achievements of their family, but never once talked about anything they’d done!


  • Probably most importantly, your CV should be up to date, it’s amazing how many people send in a CV for a job that they haven’t updated since the last time they applied for a job.
  • Having a Dalmatian profile makes it really easy to keep your CV up to date, as you can make changes wherever you are, using your phone or tablet.

If you haven’t created your Dalmatian profile yet, then it’s free and easy to do, you can create it here.

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