When I worked for my previous company and someone applied for a job, they had to fill in a diversity form, which as the hiring manager I never saw.

I once questioned the logic of this with HR and was told that it was so I wouldn’t make any decisions based on age, sex, race, religion or sexuality. I completely understand this, but I did point that the application form didn’t really help, as from that I could have a fairly good guess at all the things they didn’t want me to know. HR muttered at me and walked off.

For the majority of my career, I’ve been really lucky and have faced very little discrimination, being promoted accordingly and being paid inline (and in some cases more than the men I have worked with) but not everyone has been so lucky.

When we were putting together the roadmap for Dalmatian, we wanted it to be an inclusive system, where everyone could be considered for a job on a level playing field. We wanted people to be judged on their skill set and experience and be offered an interview based on that. And that’s what we’ve created!

Dalmatian Be Spotted users are in complete control of their data, users opt in if they want to receive marketing material from us and we will never sell on their details. Be Spotted users are in complete control of their careers and the sort of job they want to apply for.

For Dalmatian PROServer users, when someone responds to a job advert, all you will see is the relevant information for the job ad; a candidates’ skill set, relevant experience and anything else on their profile which they feel is applicable for the job they are applying for.

As an employer, your decision to offer that person an interview will be based purely on their match for the job and nothing else. You will have no other knowledge of them.

Once an interview request has been sent to a candidate, the candidate can then decide whether or not they want to accept. If it’s a “no” from the candidate then the application goes no further.

Discrimination on any level is wrong and here at Dalmatian we have created a platform, that we think will serve employers and talent well and strive towards making sure that people are given the right job for the right reasons.

If you’d like to know more about how Dalmatian PROServer can benefit your business then please

You can create a Dalmatian Be Spotted profile here.


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