Dalmatian Systems are pleased to announce that release v1-2-180428-2 is now available on the platform. This update includes some exciting new features, especially for talent users!

Talent User – Simple CV

When you go to the ‘Create a CV’ menu option you will get a new page giving you the choice between a Simple CV or an Advanced CV.

The Advanced CV journey is the same as the previous CV creation journey, it allows you to manually select items from your portfolio and choose a template from our library.

Simple CV is new for this release and it allows you to create a CV even if you have not created a portfolio. It uses a simple free text input form where you can fill out as much or as little information as you like, even choose to create a portfolio from the data entered (if no portfolio currently exists) and generate a nice functional CV (in PDF form) in a matter of minutes.

After completing the form the system will generate a CV in PDF format using our standard CV template.

Talent User – Simple Job Applications

Prior to this release, when applying for a job you would have to create a career portfolio on Be Spotted before the system would allow you to proceed through the job application journey. Now, for jobs that do not require the highest level of vetting, you can apply with nothing more than a Simple CV. Simply create a Simple CV first, then click on the apply button on any of our jobs. If the job doesn’t require high levels of vetting or the portfolio items created from your Simple CV match the job criteria you will get taken to a new page where you can select whether to apply using a CV (Simple or Advanced) or your portfolio.

Please note that the Simple CV, Advanced CV or Choose Specific Portfolio items options may be disabled if you do not have a portfolio or any previously generated CV’s.

Where you have previously created Advanced CV’s you may choose that option and select one of them.

The third option is to manually select specific items from your portfolio. This is the recommended option (where you have a portfolio) as it means you will be selecting from your most current data.

Once you have selected your CV or portfolio items and ticked the box to confirm your information just click on continue and your application is immediately submitted to the employer. The whole process can be completed in a few seconds.

Talent User – Improved Calendar

We have introduced a brand new calendar for talent users. This is mobile friendly and should work on a wide range of device sizes as it auto scales to the screen size.

The new calendar defaults to show all the events for the current month. You can change the view to week or day by clicking on the big square buttons at the top of the page. If you click directly onto one of the dates in the top part of the calendar while in month view the calendar automatically switches to day view.

If there are a large number of events showing for your selected period you can filter then by portfolio items or interviews using the three radio button filters in the bottom part of the calendar where your events are displayed.

Currently the calendar will show details of when you started employment, left employment, any goals you have set, your achievements, the details of any job applications that you have made and of course any interviews that you have booked.

You can click on any of the events within your calendar to take you directly to the relevent page in the system for that item type.

Talent User – New options in your profile

This release includes four new buttons at the top of your profile page. These are for security settings, change password, change registered email address and delete account.

Talent User – Privacy Settings

If you click on the Privacy Settings button in your profile you will get taken to a brand new page which explains our general privacy policy, allows you to set the privacy status of your profile and a section where we explain how we use your data.

Talent User – Change Password

Clicking on the Change Password button in your profile will take you to a form where you will be prompted for your old password and where you can enter a new one.

Talent User – Change Registered Email Address

Clicking on the Change Email button in your profile will take you to a form where you can enter a different email address.

Be warned that you will need to confirm this new email by clicking on a link in an email that we will send to the new email address you provide. Until you have confimed your new registered email address you will be prevented from accessing parts of the system.

Talent User – Delete Account

Clicking on the Delete Account button in your profile will take you to a new page where you can choose to delete your account. This will remove all traces of you from the platform including all your personal information, your portfolio, any images you have uploaded, all your CV’s and your email address. It will also automatically cancel any open job applications or booked interviews.

Be warned that this process is not reversible so please take the utmost care not to click on the delete account button unless you really intend to delete everything!


We hope you find the latest changes useful. As always, we welcome your feedback so please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts on these changes or if you are experiencing any problems. You can contact us through this blog or on our social media sites.



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