When disaster strikes, it’s great to see that Mansfield businesses will come to each other’s aid!

Dalmatian Systems want to say a massive thank you to Mansfield Town for coming to their rescue by providing a venue for their job show.

Mansfield-based Dalmatian have been planning their job show on the 5th June for the last few months, only for the venue to fall through at the last minute. After reaching out to Paul Nyland at Mansfield Town, they offered the use of their 1861 Suite.

Lucy Trinder, Operations Director for Dalmatian Systems said: “We can’t thank Mansfield Town enough for coming to our rescue. Last week when the venue fell through, we were in a real panic.

“We’ve got over 25 businesses standing at the event and a number of workshops organised and our last one was such a success that we really didn’t want to let anyone down.

“Paul and the team at Mansfield Town have gone above and beyond to help us out and we can’t thank them enough.”

The Dalmatian job show takes place on the 5th June at Mansfield Town Football Club in the 1861 Suite. The show takes place between 10am and 2pm and is free to attend – there’s also free parking! Mansfield 103.2 will also be broadcasting live from the event.

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