Let’s face it, nothing says “you’re appreciated” to an employee like a pay rise. Sometimes it’s not always possible to do that, here’s our suggestions as to how else you say thanks.

1. A New Job Title.

In some cases, a new job title can be just as valuable as a pay rise as it shows a career progression.

2. Training.

Sending employees on training courses, is a great way of highlighting that you are willing to invest time and money in helping their development.

If it’s something that they’ve mentioned in an appraisal, it shows that you value what they have to say and have taken it on board.

3. Organise Something Fun!

This doesn’t have to be hugely extravagant, but you could maybe order in pizzas one lunchtime or a trip to the pub one afternoon.

Getting people out of a working environment is a great way of helping with team spirit. You could always organise a team building event. Our blog has lots of ideas as to how you can do this.

4. Employee Awards.

This could be a trophy that’s handed out weekly to a member of staff who has achieved something, or if your company is big enough, you could hold a yearly awards ceremony, where lots of members of staff are honoured.

5. Say Thank You!

It sounds simple, but there’s a lot to be said for saying “thank you”. You could take it a stage further and send a personalised letter to a member of staff.

Getting the letter through the post will be a nice surprise and show that you appreciate their efforts so much, you’ve taken the time to write to them.

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