When you’ve worked for a company for a while and proved your worth, it should be that you find yourself in line for a promotion. Finding yourself as the boss of your teammates can be tough.

I’ve been in this position and whilst I was thrilled with the promotion and being recognized by my boss, it was really hard! Some of my colleagues resented that I was now their boss and were deliberately awkward and, in some cases, really rude! So here are my top tips on avoiding any potential problems.

Don’t Get Power Hungry!–  Don’t make the mistake of immediately feeling the need to stamp your authority on everything. Give yourself a couple of weeks to settle in and get a feel for everything.

Your Vision– If you’ve worked with a team for a while, then you’ll know about the challenges you’ve all faced. Try and incorporate a way of dealing with these in your plan. Your colleagues will also have ideas, so make sure they know that their input is valuable. You don’t have to do it all on your own.

One on One– Sit down with each person individually, maybe out of the office over a coffee. This will give you the chance to talk about any issues they might have, plus if you’ve been promoted over one of your colleagues, it will give you the chance to acknowledge this. Change unsettles people, so by reinforcing everyone’s position they’ll accept it a lot quicker, as they’ll feel secure. It’s important to make sure these one on one meetings continue, whether weekly or monthly, this way your employees will get chance to discuss any issues with you and you can monitor how they’re getting on with certain projects or offer coaching if needed.

Team Meetings– These are important, try and set aside a regular day and time and make sure people know they are non-negotiable. These are a chance to talk about the week ahead as well as giving the team a chance to air any issues they have. Make sure everyone contributes in some way.

Assumptions – If you’re moving to manage a different department in the company then don’t make any assumptions about people. In any office, there’s gossip, but try not to let this cloud any judgement. Treat everyone on face value and as you find them.

Don’t Gossip– Now you’re in a management position, you’ll have to try and distance yourself from being part of those hushed moments in the kitchen speculating about who’s dating who or worse still publically criticizing the company!

Ask for Help– Becoming a manager for the first time can be daunting, so if you need help with certain issues ask for it! Use the expertise of your boss and also your colleagues.

Mistakes– Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t worry if you do. Be prepared to admit when you have, learn from them and move on.

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