Getting the right people into your business can be difficult, but once you have them, shouldn’t you be focusing on keeping them? Our blog has 5 tips to help with your staff retention.

  1. Share your Vision.
  • Let staff know what the plan is for the business, how you see things moving forward and what the ultimate vision is.
  • Letting people know the goal, helps them feel a part of it, it means they’ll know what they’re working towards and where their efforts should be focused.
  1. Flexible Working Hours.
  • We no longer live in a 9-5 society, so why should our working lives be restricted to those hours?
  • Offering flexible working hours, can increase the work / life balance for employees, which combines to making them want to stay in their job.
  • Any form of flexible working should be agreed in advance where possible.
  1. Feeling of Belonging.
  • Creating a working environment where employees feel like they belong is a real boost for staff retention.
  • It gives employees a sense of purpose and as though they are working to help create a real difference.
  • Asking for staff input into meetings and encouraging them to offer opinions and ideas can really help with this.
  1. Respect.
  • It might sound like a cliché, but people might forget the things you’ve said, but they’ll never forget the way you made them feel.
  • Respecting your employees by remembering to say thank you and celebrating their wins makes staff feel valued and more likely to stay with your business.
  1. Challenge Staff.
  • Being bored at work is one of the quickest ways of creating problems in the workplace as people start to look for other things to occupy their time, which could lead to trouble!
  • If you notice a staff member who seems to be completing tasks quickly or getting involved in things they shouldn’t be, then sit down with them and have a chat.
  • It might be that they need something to challenge them. This might come in the form of training courses to help upskill them or a project they can undertake.
  • Offering staff training or giving them the responsibility for a new project, shows that as a business you are willing to invest time and money in them and value what they have to offer your business.

However sometimes staff leave for reasons that are outside the business, whether that’s to do with their family, or they’re moving area, or they just want to change careers completely. If that’s the case and you have vacancies to fill, then you can advertise on the Dalmatian job board for £39.00 +VAT per vacancy per month. If you’d like more information, then you can phone our office eon (01623) 287880 or e-mail

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