Exam results are looming, whether it’s your SQA, A Levels, AS Levels, GCSE’s or degree results, pretty soon you’ll know how all your hard work has paid off!

Once your exams are out the way, there’s a brief period of respite, where you can cut loose, relax a little bit and enjoy not having to stress about revising or handing in coursework and the dreams about turning up at your exams naked finally disappear.

But THEN…..

Then, you have to start thinking about your results and what happens next?

if you’re waiting for GCSE results, then it might be your planning on going on to higher education or are considering an apprenticeship. If you’re an A Level or SQA student, it might be that University is your next port of call. If it’s your degree results, you’re waiting for, then it might be you’re about to start work or begin a graduate scheme.

If it’s an apprenticeship or job that you think is your next step, then you’re going to need a CV and if you’ve never done one before then it can be tough knowing where to start!

Dalmatian will help you create a simple CV, it’s free and easy to use, plus once you’ve created a profile, you can continue to update it throughout your whole career, so that your CV is always up to date at the touch of a button!

Creating a profile is really easy, head to our website and click on register,


From there you need to select the white panel – “Be Spotted for Job Seekers”.


From there, you will need to fill in a few details. You will need a valid e-mail address to do this.

Register email

Once that’s done, click on the simple CV option.


You can then start to create your CV by answering the questions.

Once you’ve done that, you can click the create CV option, you can use that CV to e-mail / send off and apply for jobs or apprenticeships.

So even if your results don’t quite go the way you’d like, Dalmatian can still help you “Be Spotted”!

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