If you’ve worked for a company for a while and you’re finding you’re being given more responsibility and tasks, without any formal recognition, then maybe it’s time to ask for a promotion?

Our blog looks at the best way to do it.

  1. Keep it Simple.
  • Don’t ask for too much at once, don’t go in asking for a promotion, a pay rise, a new company car, more holidays etc. all at the same time.
  • Decide what it is that’s the most important thing to you and speak to your boss about that.
  • Asking for too much in one go, will frustrate your boss and probably lead to an outright no.
  1. Be Clear.
  • When you ask for your promotion, be clear as to not only why you want it and why you think you deserve it, but also how it will benefit the company.
  • Don’t just say “I do loads of extra tasks”, be specific about what those tasks are and how the impact they have.
  • It might be that your boss hasn’t realised that you’ve taken them on.
  1. Be Persistent…. But Not Annoying.
  • If you ask your boss for a meeting and they try and fob you off, don’t be disheartened.
  • It might be that they’re genuinely busy at the time you’ve suggested the meeting, but don’t let that put you off. Try and arrange a time that suits, even if that means coming in early one morning to see them.
  • However, if you can see that your boss is genuinely busy with a situation, try not to nag them, it will only put their back up and they’ll be less likely to agree to your promotion.
  1. Be Calm.
  • When you ask for your promotion, be calm and reasoned, at no point during the discussion should you threaten or be aggressive.
  • It won’t help your situation if you threaten to leave if your demands aren’t met! Your boss will probably help you clear your desk!
  1. Know your Worth.
  • If you’ve been asked to do more work and take on more responsibility, then your boss clearly values what you have to offer. This means that, you should also recognise your own worth.
  • This recognition might come in the form of a new title and / or a pay rise, but don’t be fobbed off and if your request is refused, then you are well within your rights to refuse the extra tasks and responsibilities.

If you have been passed over for promotion on numerous occasions, then find out why. Arrange a meeting with your boss and ask for feedback as to why, that way you can start to work on what you need to do to take the next step.

If you do receive the promotion you’ve asked for, then don’t forget to update your Dalmatian profile with the details!

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