We’ve all had bosses who we would do anything for, they just seem to have a knack of getting the best out of people. They inspire and encourage, but how do they do this?

Here’s our top 5 tips to inspire your employees.

  1. Don’t rule by fear.
  • Contrary to popular belief fear is not the best way of getting someone to do what you want.
  • In the short term it might work, but eventually the people who were scared of you either won’t be anymore, or they’ll just leave and find another job!
  • Having employees who are constantly scared on what you might say or do next will not get the best out of them, they’ll just grow to hate the job and you!
  • Treat your staff with respect; tell them when they’ve done something wrong or not performed well. Work with them to get them to do better in the future.
  1. Encourage your staff.
  • Encourage your staff to get involved with projects or undertake training that will develop their skills.
  • Praise them for a job well done.
  1. Ask for their opinions.
  • Staff meetings are a great way of encouraging your staff to make suggestions and offer up opinions.
  • They will have experience bought from other jobs, or from working on a certain project that might benefit your business, you should encourage them to share their insight.
  1. Be optimistic.
  • Don’t underestimate how your mood can affect your staff. If you’re constantly negative about everything, chances are your staff will be too!
  • If things are tough, try not to filter your stress through to your staff!
  1. Say thank you!
  • Two little words that can make a massive difference! They show you appreciate the effort your staff put in, particularly if they’re going above and beyond the call of duty.

If you’re still struggling to get the best out of your employees, then think about the bosses you’ve had that have inspired you and try and adopt some of their behaviour.

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