Some people think the best way to be successful at work is to stomp their way to the top, treading on people as they go and doing whatever it takes.

It’s true, that is one way of doing it, but the risk is that by doing it that way, people will always be trying to do the same to you and no one will rush to help you when you need.

Here’s our 5 ways to succeed at work;

  1. Embrace change.
  • Yes, change can be scary, but it can also be a good thing. It’s a way of learning new things and developing your skills.
  • If something changes and it doesn’t work, then most of the time you can change it back!
  1. Share and learn.
  • If you’ve got skills in a certain area, that will help the business or your colleagues, then share what you know, also don’t be scared to learn from people too.
  • Whatever your position within a company, you can always learn from those around you.
  • If you want to be promoted, then showing that you can work with colleagues to help them develop their skills, is a good attribute to have.
  1. Have a good attitude.
  • Every office has someone who can sour the mood within 30 seconds of walking in, they moan about everything and everything is too much bother. Don’t be that person!
  • People aren’t happy all the time, but try and keep your personal life out the office and approach tasks positively.
  • Try and avoid office gossip too, it will only distract you from work and will eventually start to drag you down.
  1. Keep your promises.
  • Whether it’s a deadline or a proposal for a client, make sure you keep your promises!
  • It’s a cliché, but by under promising and over delivering, you’ll not only take the pressure off yourself by not setting yourself unrealistic deadlines, you’ll also impress your potential client.
  1. Communicate.
  • With clients, with colleagues, with your boss, keep lines of communication open.
  • If you’re struggling to stick to a deadline, then be honest! If you’re struggling with a task, then ask for help, but always communicate.
  • It’s a horrible feeling to feel like you’re alone in a situation, but by talking and being honest, this will help.

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