Most people will wait until January before we start job hunting, saying it’s our New Year’s resolution, but the truth is starting in December can put you ahead of the game!

Here’s 4 reasons why;

  1. Budgets
  • Lots of companies set their budgets in December, so it might be they have some of the current years left to spend, so will want to hire someone before the end of the year so they don’t lose it.
  • Also, if they are setting budgets, it might be that they’ll start advertising in December, so a new staff member can join them early in the new year.
  1. Less competition
  • For some reason, once the Coca Cola lorry has rolled into town and we’ve all cried at the latest John Lewis advert, something in our brain decides to leave any major decisions to the New year and just enjoy the festive season.
  • BUT, if you are job hunting, then you may find that the competition pool becomes a bit smaller and your chances increase!
  1. Be ahead of the game
    • Job hunting should be treated like a job, you need to be organised and methodical about it.
    • If you’re not working, then make sure you plan what you want to achieve in a day, whether it’s using your Dalmatian profile to search for a job, or using your Dalmatian profile to create a free CV. Make sure at the end of the day you have achieved something.
    • Look at networking events you can attend.
    • If December is looking quiet, then spend time updating your Dalmatian profile, so that in January, you’re ready to go!
    • December might be a good opportunity to organise some volunteer work, which will be a good addition to your Dalmatian profile.
  1. Seasons Greetings!
  • If at some point in the year you’ve had a good interview or promising conversations, but didn’t get the job, then December is a great opportunity to drop that person a line wishing them all the best for the season and reminding them you’d still like an opportunity to work with them.


Good luck with your job search and if you only do one thing this December, then join the Dalmatian Nation and get your profile set up!

It’s free to join and really easy to use, plus if you do decide to wait until January to send it out you’re well ahead of the game!

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