R.E.A.L Education formed in 2008, and have earned an excellent reputation for re-engaging children and young people in learning. They’re looking to hire a referral team assistant to join them.

This role will involve working within the team that has the responsibility for being the single point of access to all education services provided by Real Education Ltd, Real Independent School and Real Alternative Provision School.

You will provide initial and continuous assessment activities in conjunction with commissioning bodies to broker realistic educational packages for young people and vulnerable adults. You will utilise collaborative and multi-agency holistic approaches to include attention to health and safety awareness, risk management and the safeguarding of young people.


  • Act in accordance with the organisations policies and procedures under the guidance of the designated Provision Manager and adhere to the organisations Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy.
  • Advocate on behalf of the young people and their families in your care. Encourage their involvement in the decision making and the management of their programmes. Support the Referral Team Coordinator to assess the needs of learners and liaise with their families and carers to broker ongoing suitable education provision.
  • Work with learners on a one to one basis in a variety of appropriate venues completing agreed and planned assessment activities. Record all learner assessment information, including tracking documentation and any other documentation required in line with Real policies, procedures and practices (e.g. contribution to Education, Health and Care plans, statutory LAC reviews or risk management plans), and provide the detailed information as and when requested. This may also include liaison regarding the initiation of central pupil data files and consent to develop, broker or deliver innovative and creative re-engagement programmes for young people and vulnerable adults with a variety of additional needs based on initial referral and assessment information (and other relevant documentation).
  • Ensure all health and safety risk assessments relating to venues used by young people and vulnerable adults in your care are available and up to date. Ensure the welfare of the learner is maintained at all times.
  • Be aware of all safeguarding procedures on a day to day basis, adhering to these where appropriate through the Designated Safeguarding Officer, and be aware of all policies and practice in relation to the safety of young people and vulnerable adults
  • Carry out additional duties as reasonably requested by the Referral Team Coordinator and be responsible for your own continuous professional development.

Performance indicators;

  • Able to meet annual performance management criteria to a good or outstanding standard.
  • Able to meet lesson observations to a good or outstanding standard.
  • Adherence to the accountabilities and responsibilities in this job description, and adherence to organisational policies and procedures.
  • Able to demonstrate outcomes thinking through regular support and supervision.
  • Achievement of positive outcomes for young people.

Key values and ethos of organisation;

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Achievement

This job is based in Mansfield and full time, to apply, please visit the Dalmatian job board.


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