We run a number of workshops helping people put together their CV’s using Dalmatian and the one bit that always stumps people is what to put in the profile about them.

I have a long-held belief that British people are notoriously bad at selling themselves, preferring to shove our lights firmly under our bushels! As one of the whole premises of Dalmatian is making finding a job as easy as possible, we thought we’d give you a few pointers.

  1. Who you are.
  • Include a few bits about who you, maybe where you went to University, how long you’ve spent in a certain career and a few characteristics about yourself.


2) What you can bring to the workplace.

  • The employer is looking for someone who bring something new to their business, so try and include a few facts about why you would be an asset.
  • It might be that in a previous job you helped establish new practises, which saved that company money, or you smashed all your sales targets.
  • It could even be that you a hardworking person, who can undertake any task and want the opportunity to do that.


3) Your aim.

  • What are you looking to do in that business?
  • It might be that you’re looking to return to work after a career break, looking after children or ill parents.
  • It might be you’re ready for a new challenge or to take the next step in your career.
  • It might be that you’ve always wanted to work for the business that is advertising the position.

Our previous blog looks at why you should take the time to tailor-make your personal profile depending on the job you are applying for and with Dalmatian that is easy to do.

If you’re really struggling to think what to write, then why not use one of our templates? The templates are just a rough guide and you should adapt the bits in red according to your experience and expertise.



I am a customer service advisor with a career of over 30 years specialising in retail.

I consider myself to be a driven, motivated and thorough professional and attribute these characteristics to helping me achieve my goal of becoming employee of the month four times in a row and subsequently being awarded £500 in vouchers for going above and beyond the call of duty.

I am good communicator with a strong background in forging positive and lasting working relationships, not only with my team, but with the public.


I am a level one food and hygiene student with a keen interest in hospitality careers.
I consider myself an advocate of continuous improvement and a dedicated professional who

consistently maintains a high standard of service to the public and professional partners.

I have been acknowledged as a highly focused and committed professional by my tutors for going over and above what is expected of me.

Although flexibility is a requirement of my course, I have personally enjoyed the fact that working well with my class mates has afforded me new opportunities.

I am now looking for a role where I can make a significant contribution.


I am an enthusiastic, organised and diligent worker, currently seeking a new opportunity within the Nottingham area.

I consider myself to be someone who consistently maintains a high standard of work both when in employment but also when I am job seeking.

I have excellent IT skills and am proficient in many packages, particularly, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint. I am also experienced in using Adobe Photoshop and Social Media.



I am currently seeking employment within a retail position. I love working with people and enjoy a fast-paced environment.

I am trustworthy, reliable, highly motivated, and keen to learn to new things.
I am available to work anytime and have a full clean driving licence and my own car.

Good luck with your job search! Creating your Dalmatian profile is free and easy to do and you can use it to create as many CV’s as you need!


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