Ever since Dalmatian was created, we wanted to ensure that our platform was user friendly for anybody who needed help with their CV and that it was fully accessible on a computer, phone or tablet.

Sometimes the worst thing about putting together a CV is knowing where to start, plus I believe that culturally, the British are rubbish at selling themselves and feel embarrassed about really selling their skills to a potential employer.

Over the last year we have gone into a number of organisations and delivered CV workshops helping a variety of people. These have included the long-term unemployed people, students, those looking for a change of a career or those wanting to return to work after a career break.

In 2019, we are going to increase the number of workshops we deliver as we have been supported by a grant from the D2N2 Digital Growth Programme (part-funded by the European Regional Development fund)

The funding is for the launch of new a mobile training to suite which will enable delivery of even more employability training!

Primarily we want to support young people, disadvantaged groups and job seekers of all skills and abilities, helping them to produce quality CV’s at the touch of a button and BeSpotted!

If you’d like to know more about organising a workshop at your organisation, school or college, then please fill in the contact form or phone our office on (01623) 287880.

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