One of the things Dalmatian helps people to do when building their CV’s is to ‘make it real.’

It’s often hard to understand when you’ve lovingly filled in your details on a CV that the person receiving it might not quite see the full picture of you. This is crucial if you want to stand out and Be Spotted!

Yes, you may have a first in Economics from Oxford University, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to you being a ‘good communicator.’ However, if you take the time to explain that as part of your assessment you had to give presentations or cold call businesses with a view to engage them in your research, you give your potential employer evidence to your good communication skills.

If you can evidence the essential and (if possible) the desired skills on the job description you give yourself that extra boost to rise to the top and hopefully get the job.

Remember, that in most cases the person interviewing you has little or no knowledge of your background. Take the time to explain your previous experiences and do it with pride. Be explicit about the intricacies of why you think you possess the skills necessary to do the job you are applying for.

If the evidence isn’t directly relevant e.g, if you’re going for your first sales position for example, then try and think how your previous experiences could provide you with evidence that you have the necessary transferable skills.

If you’ve had any role in customer support for example you might be able to provide scenarios of how you have positively influenced a customers behaviour to benefit the business. You may also be able to demonstrate how you are able to ask the right questions and respond with accurate information. You could also double hat this by doing the same during your interview.

For a lot of us, this can all seem very daunting. Especially if you aren’t a salesy type person. If you’re more of a quiet back office or manual worker the idea of being interviewed and questioned by a panel of people can be quite off putting and sometimes deter people completely from trying to progress in their careers.

Whilst Dalmatian can’t do it for you, it can help prompt you to create links between ‘where you’ve been’ and ‘what you’ve done?’ So if you’ve put you’ve got a fire safety certificate it can link it to the job you were in when you got it. When you print off your CV it will show the connection and therefore help your potential employer see the bigger picture and prompt you to remember all those wonderful things you’ve done.

It also gives you the opportunity to add little updates and often. Document everything! That way when you need a CV you can pick and choose from a long list of experience to make the best and most competitive application you can. Most of us will find we do all sorts of courses and projects and will forget most of them. Dalmatian can be your personal log. That thing you do on a long train journey when you’ve exhausted all your Facebook and Instagram updates.

The main to remember is that Dalmatian is about helping you to find a job and not make it a chore. Looking for a new job should be as exciting as any other positive life event. Imagine the possibilities that lay ahead of you once you get that dream job!

.. and don’t forget you can write down your goals too. Get busy living and make it happen with Dalmatian.



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