Last Christmas with your help and that of businesses at Ransom Wood, Nottinghamshire Community Foundation, Enva Waste and Mansfield Pet Sitters we collected shoeboxes to help Mansfield Soup Kitchen.

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When we dropped them off we got chatting about what the Soup Kitchen needed to help it keep going throughout the year.

Obviously, the Shoeboxes were greatly received and their contents helped many people who were on the streets over Christmas. During our chat the staff there mentioned that in the summer when the weather is hot many homeless people suffer from sunburn and dehydration and that donations of suntan cream, aftersun and water were invaluable.

So, Dalmatian would like your help to put together some items this summer, whether it’s suntan lotion, aftersun or bottles of water.

If you’d like to take part then please either contact the Dalmatian office and we can arrange to pick them up or please drop them in at Ransom Wood reception.

We’d like to thank the staff and businesses at Ransom Wood and also Elliot Mather Solicitors for their continued support.

All donations need to be made before the 3rdJuly 2019 as all items will be dropped off at the Mansfield Soup Kitchen on that day.


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