Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work for people that have inspired me and made me want to give them my all and others who have sucked the very life out of my soul!

The bad ones haven’t necessarily been bad people just really bad managers, so what makes someone a good leader and someone else a bad one?

A good leader has the following traits

  1. They’re Positive.
  • They have a good strong positive attitude and even if things aren’t going to plan they see it as a learning opportunity.
  • They make sure they display this positivity to their staff and encourage similar behaviour.

2. They Value their Team.

  • A good leader will actively encourage their team to have an input in to projects.
  • They will also delegate tasks and resist the urge to micromanage.
  • They will praise and say thank you.

3. They’re Always Learning.

  • Even if they’ve been in an industry for a long time, they’re always keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques.
  • They have an inquisitive brain and are well-read.
  • They’re not afraid to encourage their staff to work on their personal development and develop their own skills.

4. They Connect.

  • They recognise the importance of connecting with other business leaders and networking with people both inside and outside their own industry.
  • They learn from the people they meet and also offer advice and help.

5. They Have High Expectations.

  • They expect great things from themselves and their team.
  • They are constructive with the criticism they offer and want to help their team achieve their goals.
  • They lead by example and don’t expect anything of their team that they couldn’t deliver.



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