I once worked for a man who’s opening gambit to me was “I’ve been hopelessly over promoted”. Sadly, for both of us he was right! He didn’t have a clue.

It took every ounce of willpower for not to point this out to him on a daily basis and ask him “are you sure?” after every hair brained scheme he tried to introduce. Like it or not, he was my boss and there are certain things you really shouldn’t say to your boss.

1) “Do you know what you’re doing?”

  • Being the boss is sometimes like being England Manager (well any football manager) it’s a job everyone always thinks they can do better, despite having no experience.
  • You might think your boss is a bit of an idiot, but there is a reason they got the job, they probably have more experience in certain areas than you realise.
  • Also, if they ask you to do something, there will be a reason, they will be party to information that you’re not, which could be the reason for asking you to do something.

2) “I’m Hungover”

  • Whether you danced the night away with a whole host of A List celebs quaffing the finest champagne and doing shots until the wee small hours, your boss doesn’t want to know!
  • Unless your job is to party with the glitterati, then you need to be professional. You’re being paid to do a job.
  • Looking unprofessional in front of your boss will make you look stupid and if you’re letting your personal life interfere with your work life it won’t help your career chances.

3) “I’ve not done it yet”

  • If you’ve been set a deadline, you need to stick to it, unless of course it’s completely unreasonable!
  • If you’ve been asked to deliver a project in a timely manner with a suitable deadline, then not doing it is unacceptable.
  • If the deadline is unreasonable, then chat to your boss and explain your reasons why.

4) “I’ve got nothing to do”

  • Complaining that you have nothing to do, is basically saying to your boss that you’re unable to work under your own initiative.
  • If you genuinely need some direction then arrange a meeting with your boss and explain your concerns, but word so that rather than sounding like you’re bored, it comes across like you’re after an extra challenge.

5)  “What do we do here?”

  • Not knowing what the business you work for does, or how your product works is really inexcusable.
  • How can you sell / promote it to others if you don’t understand it?
  • If you’ve worked for a company for a while there’s really no excuse!

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