We might be 21 in dog years but in recruitment years, Dalmatian is a baby. At three years old, we get customers use us as they’ve exhausted every other avenue of advertising a job.

So think “lets give this puppy a go!”

Although we work mechanically in much the same way as most other job boards, we have a team to focus on local jobs enabling them engage with their community. This in mind, we get to know the real reasons that people don’t apply for jobs, and we use this insight to help our clients.

So here are our top five reasons you might not be getting applicants;

  • It’s not clear what the job is.

 Sometimes this can be down to the fact that the role is so specialised that only a small selection of people would search for it.

This can be useful, because if someone is searching the correct terminology, then they’re probably the right person for the job.

We very often ask our clients to consider this. The reason they might be getting a low number of applicants, is because there is a skills shortage, but if the advert is still performing and attracting quality candidates then that’s the main thing.

However, if a client has tried a clever marketing tactic to make a job sound more appealing, they are likely to be putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Advertising for an Education Centre Nourishment Consultant (School Lunch Server) or Gastronomical Hygiene Technician (Dishwasher) they probably won’t get included in the candidates search results and therefore won’t Be Spotted!

Our team are on hand to support you in this area, and if you’re still keen to keep your job title, then we can work with you to promote your role via other avenues such as via our blog, or at job events and shows.

  • Career Apathy.

 It’s an unfortunate fact that the abundance of ‘Life Admin,’ commitments can exhaust people and cause apathy about searching for new roles. Complicated / multiple application forms do nothing to reduce this problem.

As an employer using Dalmatian your potential candidates will benefit from an easy to use CV builder tool making the process much more appealing.

We also offer you as the employer the ability to receive all applications in the same format, so when you’re advert isa success you can easily review each CV without having to navigate different formats.

  • Over Promising.

 Whilst we thoroughly believe that the sky is the limit for our Dalmatian candidates, jobs that offer too much too soon can be off putting.

Headlines such as, ‘Make £5000 a week from the comfort of your own home,’ sound too good to be true and probably are.

If your job genuinely is offering this, then a member of your Dalmatian support team will work with you to help you create a reassuring message that can be trusted.

  • Low Response Rate

 The online job application process guarantees people absolutely nothing! People can spend hours working on the best application in the world and still hear nothing from the employer.

We realise that this can happen for a number of reasons, low resource, change of circumstance, miscommunication in the team, to name but a few.

Whatever the reason, you can build up a negative reputation which can deter future applicants.

As a Dalmatian customer you can opt to use our PROServer tool which will automate responses for you.

  • Knowledge of Keywords

Online job applications are typically read by keyword-searching algorithms rather than human beings. This can be frustrating for both parties.

Employers can sometimes get an abundance of low-quality applications from savvy job seekers who know to add in the keywords throughout their CV. If applying for a Sales job for example they could keep repeating the fact that they are ‘rubbish at sales,’ and still get through the sift.

For a candidate who is unaware of this, they may disadvantage themselves by over articulating their application and failing to say the keywords in their simplicity.

As a Dalmatian customer you can choose to upgrade your job advert to an advanced version. This uses a unique approach to sifting granulated data, meaning that if someone doesn’t have the essential criteria, they can’t apply.

Our main aim at Dalmatian is to smooth the job hunting process out for both parties. Don’t forget, job hunting should be as exciting as any other life event, such as getting married or moving into a new home.

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