This is one of our favourite quotes here at Dalmatian, we believe that taking your holiday entitlement is important…. for everyone who works in a business!

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We know that in some workplaces, staff holidays can be a touchy subject, trying to make sure that you don’t have too many people off at the same time, that people aren’t off at your busiest times and that everyone gets a break.

Whilst it might be easier to wish that no one ever had to take a holiday, the reality is that if you and your staff take breaks, then you’ll all be more productive in the long-term. So, you should all take regular breaks, it doesn’t have to be a trip to a far-flung destination, a stay-ca can be just as effective!

These are the reasons why.

  • It’s Beneficial– studies show that taking a holiday is actually good for your health! It allows people to relax and recharge their batteries. By the time they return to work, they’re refreshed and raring to go!
  • They’re Entitled to the leave– You and your employees should know what leave you’re entitled to. Holiday pay is part of your salary, so you should make the most of it. If your company has a policy where staff can’t carry holidays over to the following year or they can carry a certain amount, then make sure everyone is aware of this too.
  • Fresh Eyes– By taking a break, it gives you all a chance to hit their own internal reset button, meaning you come back to work relaxed and refreshed and able to look at things differently. Ultimately this is beneficial for your business as it means you’re more productive with the tasks you’re working on.

Most employees (and maybe even you as the boss!) are scared of taking holidays because we worry that colleagues will judge us for being weak and needing a break or that everything will collapse in our absence, but as you’ve just read, holidays are good for us, so get booking and enjoy some time off!

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