Advertising a job with Dalmatian isn’t just a process. It’s a tool to help build your team more effectively.

Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed and seen a headline that started ‘You Won’t Believe What Happened When…?’

More often than not I’ll be compelled to click on the article in anticipation of what I won’t believe, and a lot of the time I’ll end up being disappointed.

I’m usually expecting a rogue elephant to save a baby from a burning building, or a man falling out of a plane in just his underpants and surviving. So I’m always left a bit flat when I find a woman who lost a pound in a week after drinking lemon water instead of coffee.

A similar thing can happen for me when I’m looking at job adverts. I read countless job adverts a day and often left a bit flat. I find the best ones are the ones that are written from the heart of a business’s culture.

Take Disney for example. They have some strong core values;

  • To make people happy.
  • No cynicism
  • Creativity, dreams and imagination
  • Preservation and control of the Disney magic.

…. to name but a few.

When Disney interview for people they ask for cast members. You become part of their culture and ultimately they attract the people that embrace their values and strengthen their brand.

Whatever your core values are as a business, even if it’s not quite as magical and it’s simply to deliver cheap, low value food on a mass scale, quickly; your job adverts should reflect that.

Yes, it’s important to consider SEO and all the technicalities behind posting your job advert, but it’s also really important to write an authentic advert and get Spotted by the right talent.

If you’re offering a magical environment where the forbidden C word is Cynicism, when in reality it’s a face paced quantitative environment built around mass production and clocking off time is the main focus of the day, then you’re going to lose talent and fast!

We work with companies all the time to help them articulate their brand authentically. So you really won’t believe what happened when he clicked apply…. He got the job and he stayed!!!

If you’d like to talk to one of our Brand Ambassadors about our advert writing services, please contact us at or 01623 287880…. It’s time to Be Spotted!!!

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