If you’ve got your exam and they weren’t quite what you were expecting, it can feel like the end of the world. All of a sudden there’s a decision to make about what to do next.

Do you re-sit, do you go to college, get an apprenticeship or do you try for a uni place through clearing? It might be that you’ve decided the best thing to do whilst you make your mind up is to get a job.

To get a job, you’re going to need a CV, which can be time consuming and you also want something that’s really going to “sell” you to a potential employer. Paying someone to put together a CV for you can be costly and if you’re applying for a few different types of jobs, then you might need a couple of different versions, which will bump up the cost!

Maybe it’s time to join the Dalmatian Nation! Dalmatian is a platform, where not only can you create a free portfolio, which you can update throughout your whole career. You can also generate a free CV.

If you start with our simple CV, creating your CV is as easy as answering some basic questions about your qualifications, work history, skills and hobbies. Once you’ve filled that in, our system does the rest! At the touch of a button you will have a formatted CV which you can use to apply for jobs.

Dalmatian is free to use and no matter how many CV’s you create, our system is always FREE!

Once you’ve created your profile, it’s easy to go back and update every time you get a new qualification, or promotion or acquire a new skill, meaning your CV is always up to date!

Dalmatian is secure, safe and private, with your data always belonging to you! You can access your profile via your computer, tablet or phone.

Join the Dalmatian Nation today!


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