A few weeks ago, Dalmatian was working with a film company who wanted to “spot” extras for their latest horror film.

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who applied. One of the lucky people to be chosen was Olivia. Judging by the photo she had a “bloody” good time! Thanks to Dan Lord from Forecast Designs for sending us this show from filming.

Olivia Seepers
Film extra Olivia on the set of “Seepers”

Seepers is out next year and is a disgusting new feature film from a band of devious creatives, sprawled betwixt Sheffield and Nottingham. The film is set in a world where fuel is scarce, savvy yet ruthless entrepreneurs have resorted to abducting people to farm them for bio-gas. The film follows the rivalry between two of these Seeper Farms and the strange love story that develops within.

So, whatever job needs to fill, Dalmatian is the perfect place to “spot” the right person. From film extras to nail technicians to drivers to sales staff, Dalmatian will help you spot them! We’re so much more than just a job board! For more details please phone our office on (01623) 287880 or e-mail hello@dalmatiansystems.co.uk

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