Hi, I’m John Batty and my company is Bluejohn Marketing Ltd.

I am an independent marketing consultant active in the construction, manufacturing and B2B services sectors. I work with my clients to develop, design and implement strategies and activities that address their business and marketing challenges. Activities could include brand development, market research, marketing communications (PR, newsletters, blogs, social media) and website design and development.

I started Bluejohn back in 2003 and, for many years, worked from a home office. More recently I have moved into a rented office space in Dronfield. Before starting Bluejohn, I spent twenty years in a variety of marketing roles including Marketing Director of CAN Ltd in Chesterfield. CAN is a specialist civil and structural engineering contractor that employs engineers and technicians that can abseil and climb. During my time with the company we won the contract to install the Millennium Dome roof and the ‘spokes’ on the BA Millennium Eye.

At University, I spent two years in France as part of a business administration degree. A few years later I completed an MBA at Bradford University. I also have a teaching qualification.

I started out my career in sales but found I was more interested in marketing. For me, marketing is like a cryptic crossword puzzle. You are presented with a mix of information and it’s up to you to decipher the correct answer from the clues.

A really important thing for me is that no day is ‘typical’. One day I can be in the office, the next at a client’s offices, the next on a construction site. I spend a lot of my day speaking to my clients, researching on the net, identifying trends, and writing. That writing could include a marketing proposal to a new client, copy for a press release or blog, writing a bid submission for a client, or creating calls to action for a website.

I love the fact that my job allows me to engage both the creative ‘left hand side of the brain’ and the logical and analytical ‘right hand side of the brain’. I also like the fact that in marketing the onus for action is always with you. You are the one with the responsibility to make things happen.

Knowing that you have helped an organisation – business, charity, public sector – achieve their goals is a really great feeling. There is a great sense of satisfaction when you deliver a piece of work that delights the customer. I still get an immense feeling of pride when a client entrusts me with designing and delivering a marketing programme on their behalf.

Marketing is a broad church and means different things to different people. My advice for someone wanting to have a successful career in marketing is, firstly, to get the best training you can and, secondly, always be open to new ideas, influences and opportunities to learn; the world of marketing never stands still for long.

Today, I love getting feedback on my work; it’s so much easier to work for someone who has an opinion. My advice to my younger self would be to be more confident in your ideas, understand that not everybody is going to agree with you all the time, and enjoy both the ups and the downs!

If you’d like to speak to John about how Blue John Marketing could help your business, then please contact him on 01246 385959 or jb@bluejohnmarketing.com.


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