Our FREE business workshop on the 5th December is getting closer. The event is a real opportunity to get help and advice from our business experts from Qinesis.

This event is FREE to all current business owners and future entrepreneurs wishing to learn a little more. There will be 3 taster sessions and you are welcome to stay for one, two or all three.

The sessions will be run by a team who bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience from many different sectors and will be a unique opportunity to pick their brains and hear how they can help. You can find out more about them here.

There will be 3 taster sessions and they’ll cover the following topics.

  1. Winning the Business, Sales and Marketing.

This session will start at 9.15am and will help you develop an understanding of the difference between marketing and sales and how to use both to your advantage. It will look at ways to maximize the impact of your marketing activities and simple techniques to increase your quotation to order conversion rate.

  1. Getting the Best Out of Your People, Workforce Wellbeing;

This session will start at 10.15am and will focus on how for any business owner, their most valuable asset is their staff and at times the most difficult resource to manage. The module will give an introduction to methods of motivation and ways to engage your workforce across the generational spectrum.

  1. Developing A Learning Business; Innovation & Entrepreneurship;

This session starts at 11.15am and is an introduction to ways to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in any organization and how they link into business growth.

You are welcome to attend all or just one of the sessions, whichever you feel will be the most relevant to you and your business.

The session is free, but you do need to book tickets, which you can do here.

The event takes place at the Hive in the Four Seasons Shopping Centre in Mansfield on the 5th December between 9am and 12pm.

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th December

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