Reasons Why your Staff Should Take their Holiday Entitlement.

In some workplaces, staff holidays can be a touchy subject. Trying to make sure that you don’t have too many people off at the same time, that staff aren’t off at your busiest times and that everyone does get a break. Whilst it might be easier to wish that none of your staff take holidays, the reality is that if your staff take breaks, they’re actually far more productive in the long-term.

Should you Ask for Feedback After a Job Interview?

Anyone who has ever looked for a new job will tell you that the two most annoying things about job hunting are; Never getting any form of response from a job you’ve applied for, not even a “we’ll keep your details on file” Going for an interview and just receiving a standard “thanks, but no thanks” type rejection. These can be soul destroying, particularly if you’ve spent time crafting the perfect application and it was a job you really wanted. The worst thing can be not knowing why you were turned down, which is why it’s absolutely fine to ask for feedback!

Please Don’t Go! How to Stop your Employees from Leaving.

Your staff are one of your businesses most important assets, they can really help shape how your company is perceived by its clients as well as contributing to its success. Yet some businesses make the mistake of not trying to retain their staff, they seem happy to ave them off somewhere else, under the illusion that the staff member is bettering their career by earning more money. But surely as a business owner you want the very best staff available working for you and being a part of what you are trying to create?