Looking After the Health and Wellbeing of your Staff

I was watching the film “The Intern”, which stars Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway recently and a part from the fact it’s a brilliant film, there was something else about it that I really loved! The films all about a widower (played by De Niro) who decides he hates being retired and so gets a job as a senior intern at an online fashion site, which is run by Anne Hathaway’s character. The firm, is very cutting edge, but one of the things it has, is a company masseuse, who is employed to make sure staff don’t feel stressed, as stress will stop them doing their jobs properly.   It occurred to me that, this was an absolutely brilliant idea! Now I know not many companies will be able to afford to hire a masseuse to constantly be on hand, but it set me thinking just how much companies did do to promote the health and wellbeing of their staff?

Reasons Why your Staff Should Take their Holiday Entitlement.

In some workplaces, staff holidays can be a touchy subject. Trying to make sure that you don’t have too many people off at the same time, that staff aren’t off at your busiest times and that everyone does get a break. Whilst it might be easier to wish that none of your staff take holidays, the reality is that if your staff take breaks, they’re actually far more productive in the long-term.